Oral Presentations

Please use your own PC having either a VGA or an HDMI connector. Connection and projection will be tested before your presentation time on site.

Poster Presentations

All presentations including invited speakers are requested to display your poster. Some of the contributed papers are selected as Landmark presentation. The Landmark speakers will have a 15-minute lecture and also make poster presentation.

Schedule of Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are completely separated into 2 parts before and after Tuesday evening. Please check your presentation schedule in Program page.  Each of you has one main assigned poster session.   However, you can make use of two other sessions.  We are grateful for your active participation.

Basic procedure to post and remove your poster is as follows:

  • Group A: post up during 13:00-15:30 on May 22nd, Sunday and remove during 18:00-18:15 on May 24th, Tuesday.
  • Group B: post up during 18:15-19:00 on May 24th, Tuesday and remove during 12:30-13:00 on May 27th, Friday

Note that the posters remaining after removal time will be cleaned out by our staff. In case you cannot keep this timeline for explainable reasons, ex. restriction of your travel schedule, you should at least post up your poster during your assigned session.

Dimensions of Poster Boards

Usable space on each poster board is approximately

W900mm x H1900mm.

The poster boards are consecutively numbered, and presenters are requested to post their poster according to the allotted number.

Dimensions of poster board